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Apex Legends – Beginners Guide

Apex Legends is the popular Battle Royale, and as you spend more time playing it, you gradually start to realize what Respawn Entertainment was trying to accomplish when they made it. Knowing it essentially entails understanding how to play the game properly, but if you want to avoid having to learn how to do that, this beginner’s guide can save you a lot of time and frustration.

In the section below, we’ll explain how to approach the games right away so that you may make the most of Apex Legends’ depth and avoid most of the encounters that are waiting for you on your map. a number of hints, techniques, and insider information that you may have overlooked but that could make the difference between life and death.


Where to drop when the game first starts

The three team members will start to appear on the map as soon as the game begins. The place you land on will depend on whether you are the leader or not, but there are a number of possibilities to think over in this initial phase. The first one is to identify a drop zone so that your teammates are aware of it. This is great for coming to an agreement on what you will do in the first few minutes.

The fall can be handed over to another user if the leader is unsure about what to do. No matter where you are on the map of Apex Legends, it is crucial that the three of you arrive together at the same location because going it alone typically results in instant death. That doesn’t always mean that you should all land in the same place, though. To prevent having to compete for guns and ammunition, the aim is to slightly segregate yourselves inside the same region. Drop near, but avoid becoming trapped like a barnacle.


How to navigate the map quickly in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a notably faster game than the other Battle Royale titles available, but just because a game’s players move quickly does not mean that the game itself must move quickly. In fact, Respawn itself has stated that the team’s objective is to perfectly pinpoint that speed by providing a game between squads of three and having fewer people on each map.

Everything in the game is packed with more weapons and options than your inventory can hold since everything was designed for you to explore at the start of the game in search of the best gear before engaging in a fight. Before moving on to the next location, scroll around and pick the best scratch you can from the previous one because hiding there and waiting for something to happen is almost never a wise choice.


Apex Legends – Teamwork will help you succeed

It’s not just you. It makes no difference whether you don’t have a microphone or if your pals haven’t connected to play. It doesn’t even matter if you choose to mute your teammates from the menu since they are bothersome. You must use teamwork to your advantage if you want to survive. In other words, having the capacity to Ping or call is necessary.

The effective management of inventories

In Apex Legends, it is highly likely that you will feel compelled to pick up every piece of trash you come across as soon as you touch the ground. Even though you won’t need it, you might be tempted to take that higher-tier purple or gold armor that shines on the ground.


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