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Christmas 2022: ideal gifts for gamers

Gifts for gamers – No idea what to give to that person who loves video games? Don’t worry, these ideas will save you another year.

It’s the same story every year. You don’t know what to give that person, who, although he is special to you, seems to have everything and loves video games. It’s difficult, we know it, and we suffer from it too, that’s why we propose these Christmas gift ideas for gamers.

It is not easy to know what to give a gamer, especially since she may use a platform like a console or a PC, maybe she loves mobile games. What is certain is that you need to buy a gaming gift now and you don’t know where to start.

We propose these ideas on the offer of products related to consoles, and gaming on PC or mobile. You will find options for all budgets, although it is not a particularly cheap hobby.

  • PlayStation 5
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Razer Kishi mobile controller
  • GameSir G4 Pro Mobile Controller

PlayStation 5

Gifts for gamers! How? A PlayStation 5? Is that possible? After months, practically since it was announced in 2020, the stock of PlayStation 5 begins to be more stable to the point where we could start talking about continuous stock in some stores.

While it’s still not that easy to find a PlayStation 5, several stores restock several times a week. For example, Carrefour where you can find for 823 euros the edition with a disc reader, a second-hand DualSense, and the games FIFA 23, The Last of US Part I, and God Of War Ragnarok

Nintendo Switch and Switch OLED

Nintendo’s handheld console is a bestseller and Christmas is usually the best time to give it away or buy it for yourself.

The difference between Switch OLED and regular Switch models is the screen, where the first has a 7-inch OLED screen, and the standard version has a 6.2-inch LCD screen. Also, the storage capacity is 64 GB compared to the 32 GB of the standard.

Razer Kishi mobile controller

This controller for Android and iPhone is the perfect companion for gamers of mobile action games. If that person is a fan of action games like Call of Duty Mobile or Genshin Impact, this Razer Kishi controller is perfect.

It physically connects via USB-C on Android or Lightning on iPhone.

GameSir G4 Pro Mobile Controller

An alternative for all mobile phones that connect via Bluetooth is the GameSir G4 Pro controller.

It is a wireless controller that is compatible with Nintendo Switch, with PCs, Android phones, and with iPhones/iPad as it is certified (MFi) for Apple products. It includes integrated mobile support so you can play wherever you want.

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