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Diagonals of OLED televisions and panels: 2023 will be the year of curved ultra-wide monitors

LG and MSI already have their ultra-wide curved monitors ready that will face Samsung’s proposals using OLED technology as an advance.

Over the past few years we have seen a general evolution in computer monitors. These changes have not only been applied to panel technology or technical features, consumption formats have also changed and thanks to this, curved ultra-wide monitors have arrived .

These devices are characterized by having two basic premises: their screen diagonal has an elongated format and they have a curved panel. They are an evolutionary branch of ultra- wide monitors , integrating a curve to improve the experience when consuming content or playing video games.

To date, Samsung had been one of the few companies that had dared with this format. The days of this situation are numbered with the recent news reported by The Verge , LG and MSI are joining the bandwagon of curved ultra-wide monitors. In addition, they will do it in style since they will bet on OLED panels.

Samsung will have to put the batteries to compete with the proposals that are being baked by the hand of MSI and LG. We are going to see in detail everything they have prepared and, above all, why it is good news both for people who enjoy video games and for an audience that only wants to consume content.

Curves are coming: LG and MSI join the race for curved ultra-wide monitors

LG already has a monitor prepared to compete with Samsung ‘s proposals , this will be the LG-45GR95QE that among all its features highlights its 45-inch diagonal with a resolution of 3,440 x 1,440 pixels on an OLED panel . The price, logically, is according to the specifications: $1,699.99.

This LG monitor will have a refresh rate of 240 Hz . When comparing it with the Samsung Odyssey G9, sparks of rivalry fly, both because of the leap in quality that OLED offers to any type of content and also because LG’s monitor will have a greater curvature, standing at 800R instead of 1000R.

For its part , MSI has not revealed the monitor they have in hand, they have only commented that during CES 2023 a device will be launched on the market under the name of “Project 491C ”. Among the striking features of this equipment is that it will have a QD-OLED panel along with 240 Hz as a refresh rate.

Everything indicates that during 2023 we will see curved ultra-wide monitors that will delight users , even if this means having to pay astronomical amounts. Of course, when these teams become something conventional and not niche, it may be that in a couple of years the costs will become cheaper for the general public.

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