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Discover the games that are still taking up space after deleting them

A Reddit user has discovered that the games he has deleted from his computer are still taking up space and causing chaos among thousands of users.

You buy a game, download it, play it and delete it to recover space on your computer. Despite the fact that this should be the natural cycle of games, the truth is that it is not like that and, thanks to a Reddit user, it has been discovered that there are games that, even after deleting them, continue to take up space .

These ghost video games can cause your computer to run out of storage without you noticing since, in principle, if you have uninstalled it, they should stop taking up space on your computer. Thanks to this Reddit user, many people have become aware that some games are still taking up space after deleting them.

What he has posted on Reddit is a screenshot in which you can see how two games were still taking up space in his computer storage: 3.7 GB for Uncharted 4 and 1.7 GB for The Lost Legacy. This post has gained tremendous traction on Reddit, generating many users to comment on their experience.

And, it is that thanks to its publication, several users have begun to review their storage in search of games that continue to take up space and that should not be there. In fact, there are several comments that claim to have recovered a huge amount of storage after getting rid of these residual files.

Eliminate all traces of ghost video games with this computer application

There is one case that stands out above the rest: a user has freed up 200 GB that were occupied by different Steam games that had left residual files. Yes, he has freed up more space than it takes to have Windows 10 or Windows 11 installed and only use an app that has been recommended in the Reddit post.

The name of the app is SpaceSniffer and it can be downloaded from the link below. What this application does is show the space used on a desktop or laptop computer, allowing users to know how the storage is distributed in order to later eliminate all the residual files left by the games.

In addition, the most interesting thing about this is that the application shows the exact path of these files and, therefore, makes it easy for these files to be found so that they can be easily deleted later. It is a very useful application and not only to eliminate a ghost game, but it is also used to see the status of the disk and everything that is taking up space.

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