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End of stock problems: You can now buy a PlayStation 5 in these stores

The PlayStation 5 stock problems are over for the moment, many stores have begun to receive many units in the form of packs or single consoles.

Good news if you wanted to buy a PlayStation 5 this Christmas : there is stock in several stores. Yes, it is a Christmas miracle in true technological style, because until now it was quite difficult to get hold of one.

Now, stores like MediaMarkt and El Corte Inglés already have stock to buy a PlayStation 5 with games, like God of War or The Last of Us Part I.

In MediaMarkt you can get it with The Last of Us and a 20 euro card for PlayStation Store for 699 euros . It’s not a bargain price, but it’s not priced above what it’s worth either.Meanwhile, in El Corte Inglés you can get this pack that includes a console with a disc reader and the two games for 689.90 euros .

In both cases they are good offers, first because it is the official price set by Sony, second because you ensure a unit from reputable stores that sell and ship themselves.

Although we have had stock problems practically since they were launched, take a look at our game sales Telegram channel and you will see that practically every day for a couple of weeks many stores are adding stock.


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PlayStation 5 delivery dates in 2023

Although buying at El Corte Inglés or Media Markt you have a PlayStation 5 insured, the downside is that you will have to wait a few weeks to receive it at home.

In El Corte Inglés they assure that it will reach you wherever you want before Wednesday, February 15, as indicated in the Sony campaign , but you should not expect it before mid-January.

In the case of MediaMarkt, the well-known store already indicates on its website that shipments will be made from January 20 . The good thing is that you can decide whether to have it sent to your home or ask to pick it up for free at one of its shopping centers.

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