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​​Fortnite Chapter 4 doesn’t work on Android

Fortnite Chapter 4  – It seems that users have to bear the consequences of Epic not wanting to pay the brutal commission that Google imposes on Android.

At the time of writing this news, Fortnite Chapter 4 does not work on Android . Let’s hope Epic fixes it ASAP. He’s already on it.

A few hours ago, the long-awaited Fortnite 4 Chapter 4 update arrived , with a new island and other news. But Android users , for now, can’t join the party.

According to Android Central, when updating to version 23 of Fortnite to install Chapter 4 on Android , the error message “LIBRARY-IN-NOSIGNATURES” appears. It looks like an error in the authentication signatures of some of the game libraries.

Everything indicates that it is a bug that has to do with the fact that Fortnite is installed manually on Android, it cannot be done from the Google Play Store, because Epic has removed it from the store to avoid paying the 30% commission for each transaction.

But by not installing through the store, Fortnite has a harder time passing Android safety and compatibility checks , and sometimes such issues can occur.

Surely Epic will fix it soon, but it is a serious prejudice for Android players who play with their friends on other platforms, because they will be behind with progress.

The news of Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 1

This Fortnite update was highly anticipated by users, because it brings many new features .

The most important is a completely new map , which opens new areas, and new ways to access them.

It also changes the gameplay. Now there are areas that you must conquer and protect with your team . If you keep them long enough, they become your property and you earn loot.

Reality augments appear on the map, which are abilities that boost your speed, shooting, etc.

In the vehicle section, the most desired insurance is the dirt bike , which allows you to climb steep areas. There are other more curious ones, like a snowball to destroy everything.

Among the new weapons we have the Excaliber Rifle, which shoots sharp blades. There’s also the High-Propelled Shock Hammer and the intense Thundering Shotgun alongside the Dual Magazine SMG, Mastery Shotgun, Red-Eye Assault Rifle, and Tactical Pistol.

The Battle Pass includes characters like Geralt of Rivia from The Witcher games and the slayer from Doom .

To get an advantage in the game, at they show you where the fortune zones are .

At the moment Fortnite 4 Chapter 4 does not work on Android , but they will surely fix it soon. Lots of fun awaits you with this game this Christmas!

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