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Gamers love to put RGB lights on their PCs

Microsoft is preparing a new customization option that will allow users —and especially gamers— to control the RGB lights of their components and peripherals from a special menu in their Settings tool.

This feature would unify these RGB lights customization processes: different utilities from manufacturers like Razer or Logitech are normally used to set those preferences, but Microsoft wants to offer its own menu to control all those options as well.

The feature appears to be in development internally and was leaked by a user who was presented with this option in one of the Windows 11 preview builds.

The filtered capture shows how in the Windows 11 Configuration tool you could access the Personalization menu and then the “Lighting” menu, which also gives access to the different peripherals that support this type of RGB preferences.

The success of this new tool depends of course on whether peripheral manufacturers offer support to control these options from within Windows 11 itself, but it is certainly a practical and interesting novelty for users who enjoy this type of peripherals and components. on their PCs and laptops.

Microsoft also seems to be considering the use of this tool to improve the Windows 11 user experience itself and could allow you to customize notifications using these RGB lights peripherals.

Thus, the microphone could change color if it is muted or if we are speaking in Microsoft Teams, and the keyboard could also show a small color pattern if we receive a notification of a new chat message in Teams or in applications such as Slack.

The fact that this option has been leaked does not necessarily mean that it will appear in Windows 11. Still, it seems that this development is advanced and would be linked to the update “Moment 3” of Windows 11 that we expect in May or June.

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