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Google Soccer World Cup minigame that you must play

The 2022 Soccer World Cup in Qatar is not only full of controversies but also a fun minigame that you can access from your mobile browser and that will help you support your favorite team.

The 2022 World Cup officially started with the defeat of the hosts, Qatar, at the hands of Ecuador (the first time that a host country has lost the opening match).

However, even though this is one of the strangest and most controversial tournaments to date, there is still a lot going on, if not a little, that you probably don’t know about.

One of the funniest refers to the minigame that Google has created. It is a penalty shootout that you can play from your mobile browser to celebrate the World Cup, which you can not only play to pass the time but also to support your country of origin (or the one you prefer).

You will find this game by searching for “Soccer World Cup” in the search engine. Here, apart from the match schedule and other relevant information about the World Cup, you will see how a blue icon with a ball appears in the lower right corner of the screen.

How to play Google’s 2022 World Cup minigame on your mobile or tablet

Only available for mobile phones and tablets as it requires a touch screen to swipe, Google’s Mini Cup game is played in a browser (whatever it is) and tasks you with scoring consecutive penalties until you miss one. To make it more difficult, the goalie gets faster after each goal.

However, not everything ends here and there is something else. And it is that, when playing the matches of the World Cup that is going to start for real, your score will be added to a world total for the team you have chosen. This is added up to the final whistle of the actual match to give your team points. Next, you will be able to see the general classification of all the nations.

The data will be updated in real-time as other players around the world decide to participate.

Of course, if you miss the goal or the goalkeeper saves it, it’s game over. It’s a lot of fun and you can play as many times as you want or with the team you want. Of course, if you play during a real World Cup game, you will not be able to enjoy it much, so take advantage of one that does not interest you too much.


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