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How to improve the image quality of old games in Windows

If you want to improve the image of your old (and not so old) games to make them look the way you want, you will be able to do it thanks to ReShade, a software that we are going to show you how works.

When we install games on Windows computers, we always want to have the best display type to enjoy them to the fullest.

In the case of older games, this is not always achieved, since, as is normal, the level of visual finishes that we have today is very far from what it was years ago.

For this reason, having the ability to improve the visual effects of a game will make us enjoy more and with greater pleasure all the possibilities that it offers us.

But to achieve everything that we are telling you about, we are going to need software that allows us to modify the game’s graphics, achieve more realistic visual effects, and, therefore, one that is easier to enjoy.

The program for Windows that we are talking about is called ReShade and today we are going to tell you about all the benefits that it brings us, in addition to knowing how you can make it work with all the games that you deem necessary .

What is ReShade?

The software designed almost entirely by the user Crosire is dedicated to improving the image of the games by way of post-processing.

It is a program that can also be used for other types of applications that are not games since thanks to this software we will be able to select various visual effects to be able to enjoy a display that is as correct as possible.

But what is certain is that the vast majority of users use it for games, especially those that are old and that do not have the graphic level of the current ones.

Its operation is quite simple but effective since what it does is reflect the image, place all those changes that we have made, and then return the display as it understands that one of our favorite games should be seen.

In addition, another of the great powers, as we will see later, is the fact of being able to switch between different types of effects in real-time, to be able to choose the one that is most suitable for our fun games.

How do we install it?

To improve the image, we must follow certain steps, among which are first the download, the installation, and then the actual operation of the software.

It is very easy to download and run it since we only have to enter its web page, click where it says Download, and see how it redirects us to the bottom of the web itself.

We will see a green button where it says Download ReShade, followed by the version at that moment, where we are going to click.

Now we only have to wait for a .exe file to download, which will be the one we execute to open the program, so we should save it in a specific folder for it.

From the moment it requests its execution we will see different windows and this is what we will have to do:

  • At first, we will see how it automatically detects the games that we have on the Windows computer, so all we have to do is mark the one on which we want it to show its effects and click Next. If the game does not appear in this list, we can always click on Browser and look for the executable file.
  • Now we must select which is the API of one of our fun games, from the options we have such as Vulkan, Open GL, and DirectX 9/10/11/12. When we have it, click Next .
  • At this moment, it indicates a series of effects packs and we must select those that we want, being able to choose them all, and even load some that we have on the computer. We press Next .
  • The next thing is to present you with the effects of the API that we have chosen taking GitHub as a source. It is normal to accept them.
  • From here we already have it installed and we only have to click on Finish.

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