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Microsoft finally gives us a solution to Windows 11 gaming problems

Since Windows 11 came out, Microsoft’s operating system has faced all kinds of problems. And although he has managed to get around almost all of them, those related to gaming have resisted him… until now.

Microsoft is offering Windows 11 users an update that fixes some performance issues in games. These have been, so far, the biggest headache for the company, and with good reason: the PC gaming ecosystem runs on the Windows operating system .

The software maker originally warned of issues with slower-than-expected performance in some games earlier this month, after some Windows 11 users who had updated to the latest 2022 update (22H2) noticed and reported the issue.

Although Microsoft did not list the exact apps and games that were experiencing issues, the company blocked the Windows 11 2022 update to prevent poor performance of in-game PCs and advised users not to upgrade.

This preventative measure was removed a week ago, and now Microsoft has released a complete fix. If you are one of those who already have the Windows 11 2022 update installed, go to Windows Update and see if you can download the KB5020044 update.

NVIDIA also fixes bugs in Microsoft’s operating system

On the other hand, NVIDIA also had some initial issues with the drivers of the latest Windows 11 2022 update, which also caused instability and fps drops. But the green company already fixed the problems in September.

Microsoft’s latest Windows 11 update also includes the typical bug fixes Microsoft releases in monthly cumulative builds, along with new storage alerts for OneDrive, improvements to the Windows Spotlight feature, and other less important details.

For gamers, Microsoft explained a few weeks ago that some virtualization features of Windows 11 could affect the performance of video games. What was added to the failures of the November update, hence the many criticisms from gamer users?

If you use Windows 11 on your personal computer and spend the afternoon playing games with friends, you know, look for the new update to Microsoft’s operating system because the bug has already been fixed.

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