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Microsoft thinks it knows when the PlayStation 6 will be launched. It will take us a while to see it

PlayStation 6 – We are immersed in the new generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony, but there are already some indications that at least Sony is preparing the successor to the PS5, which if it appears and everything continues its course will be called Playstation 6. The Japanese company has not even named it, but Microsoft, think they know when it will be launched.

We will have a PS6 in 2028. That’s at least what they say in Redmond. The date has been revealed in the UK Competition Markets Authority documents with which Microsoft is trying to defend its intention to acquire Activision. These documents discuss how

The data crossed out is theoretically that year 2028, which would precisely mean that Activision’s game support for the PlayStation could be terminated.

The ‘Call of Duty franchise continues to make people talk. Sony, they have been trying to avoid this operation for some time and allude to examples such as the ‘Call of Duty franchise, which would no longer be available for the PlayStation. “Even assuming SIE had the capacity and resources to develop a franchise with similar success to ‘Call of Duty,’ that would take many, many years and billions of dollars.”

The dates match. That would put the PS5’s life cycle at around seven years, which is about the time it takes both Sony and Microsoft to launch a new generation of consoles. Sony launched the PS1 in 1994, the PS2 in 2000, the PS3 in 2006, the PS4 in 2013, and the PS5 in 2020. For its part, Microsoft launched the Xbox in 2001, the Xbox 360 in 2005, the Xbox One in 2013, and the Xbox Series S/X in 2020.

But wasn’t cloud gaming the future? The appearance of platforms like xCloud in Game Pass Ultimate or NVIDIA GeForce NOW has shown that it is possible to enjoy video games of all kinds with an internet connection and modest equipment, but the failure of Stadia and the (relatively) timid adoption of these platforms casts doubt on their potential as console replacements in the short term. So, Sony or Microsoft launching a new generation of consoles seems feasible right now.

What to expect from the PS6. It is difficult to know: the great revolution of the XBSX / S and PS5 has been more its storage system than its graphic power. Current advances maintain that line, so both the PS6 and the successors to the current Xbox would undoubtedly gain in graphic power, but also storage. Perhaps by then, yes, the versions with an optical drive have disappeared.

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