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Stock of PlayStation 5 in time for Kings

Good news for everyone on the hunt for a PlayStation 5: there is a store that has stock and fast shipping.

Little by little, the possibility of getting a PlayStation 5 in time to give it away is slipping away, something practically impossible if you want it to arrive before Christmas, but it is still possible for Three Wise Men.

The store that has PS5 stock right now is Carrefour , which has been moving a lot of units lately, always in a pack with peripherals and games, one of the few options to get the console.

Its price exceeds 800 euros , although in addition to the console and the DualSense controller it comes with FIFA 23, God of War Ragnarok and The Last of Us Part 1 , three of the most important games on the market right now.

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The delivery would be made before December 31, so arrive in plenty of time for the night of the Three Wise Men, from January 5 to 6.

It goes without saying that PlayStation 5 has been sweeping sales for years, ever since it hit the market, although if you’re reading this you’ll know what its main problem is: the number of units is very, very limited, an inconvenience that has prevented It ranks as the best seller ahead of the Xbox in some countries, and Microsoft does have consoles available.

Fortunately for everyone, little by little the stock of PS5 is reaching stores , with Carrefour at the forefront, but also with Media Markt and Amazon releasing some packs in recent weeks, something that is always good news.

The bad part is whether you want it or not, you will have no choice but to pay approximately 800 euros, and it is that hardly any original consoles are available for sale, that is, without games or peripherals, something that may be fine but inflates the price beyond what many are willing to pay.

However, there are many top-tier games yet to reach Sony’s catalogue, some of them exclusive, the strong point that until now had always tilted the so-called “console war” on one side or the other.


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