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There is stock of these consoles, they are on sale for Black Friday and you can give them away at Christmas

Not everyone can get a PlayStation 5, so we propose these alternatives on Xbox and Nintendo Switch that you can buy for this Christmas.

If it is totally impossible for you to find a PlayStation during Black Friday , despite the fact that there is stock and we are posting quite a few on Telegram , not everything is PlayStation, there are other alternatives on offer that you can buy during this Black Friday .

We are talking about direct competition to Sony with its PS5, like Xbox Series S and Series X, but also Nintendo Switch, in its OLED and standard edition. All of these consoles are in stock and available on sale this Black Friday .

We have found the best offers so that you can compare one of these consoles these days of sales and thus save it to make a gift at Christmas.

Remember that Black Friday is one of the best opportunities of the year to buy gifts at discounted prices. Being so close to designated dates such as Christmas or the Three Kings at the end of November, it becomes a golden opportunity to save .

The good news is that if you want to buy a next-gen console on sale, right now you can. You just have to keep reading to find the perfect console for that person to whom you want to give a gift like this.

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  • Nintendo Switch OLED
  • xbox series s
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Xbox Series X on sale

Finding a PS5 is difficult, totally impossible on sale. That is why it is so interesting to find its best alternative, a heavily discounted Xbox Series X.

Microsoft’s next-generation console supports the latest games in 4K and 120Hz, as long as you have a compatible TV . The offer price is 499 euros , a discount of 17% .

It comes with a 1TB SSD, graphics ready for gaming up to 8K and 120Hz with DirectX Raytracing.

Nintendo Switch OLED

Another of the latest generation consoles to hit the market is Nintendo Switch OLED . In essence it has the same features as the traditional Switch, but with a better screen.

This pack includes the Nintendo Switch console, the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game in downloadable format and also a code so you can use Nintendo Switch Online for 3 months totally free for 299.90 euros .

This pack is perfect as a gift. Not only do you get a nice handheld console, it also comes with a game that’s really fun for everyone.

xbox series s

The other Microsoft console to launch in 2020 was the Xbox Series S. Unlike Xbox Series X, this edition has great performance, but without support for 4K games, only up to 1440p. Its sale price is 228.99 euros , a discount of 24%.

It is still one of the best investments in consoles of the moment, which only accepts downloads since it does not have a disc drive. It supports DirectX Raytraycing and 120 Hz. It supports 4K video playback, but not games at this resolution.

These are the best alternatives to PlayStation 5 that you can buy right now in the world of video consoles when you can’t find stock of the Sony console.


The Nintendo Switch Standard Edition is also on sale this Black Friday. With a 6.2-inch LCD-type screen, but with the same performance as its new OLED version, you can get it for just 259 euros at MediaMarkt .

They also have a pack that includes a console, the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe game and 3 months of Switch Online for 289 euros . It is also available in Worten for 289.99 euros .

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