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These are the 7 new free mobile games on Netflix

We all know that the idea of ​​Netflix is ​​to approach entertainment from all its aspects. After conquering the empires of film and television, now they are going for video games.

Netflix is ​​the queen platform for entertainment via streaming. They have HBO Max and Disney + on their heels, but the pioneer in the sector continues to gain muscle in the number of unique users. There is no one who coughs, as in the creation of original content ( series and movies )

But, as with everything, users from a single business are never enough for a company that always wants more. And if the 250 million customers that they now have are not worth anything, the idea of​​​​Netflix is ​​getting fully into the gaming world. Well, to be fair, they’re already inside.

As we well know, because we have talked about this on several occasions, Netflix is ​​constantly expanding the portfolio of games in its mobile application for Android and iOS: up to seven new additions to the catalog arrive today.

All the games in the Netflix app are free and have no ads or in-app purchases, so don’t be afraid to get hooked on any of them because it won’t cost you any pocket money, just like watching their series and movies now. Let’s see the games that arrive today on the platform.

List of new Netflix video games

Skies of Chaos: is a new take on the classic airplane shooter genre, with colorful visuals and characters. Flutter Butterflies is a game to show your creativity by raising and collecting butterflies in your personalized jungle.

Stranger Things: Puzzle Tales: is the latest installment of the popular Netflix original franchise. This is an RPG puzzle game where you take turns fighting enemies and leveling up your characters in the process.

Country Friends is a farm simulator that allows you to build and manage acres of fertile land along with a large selection of animals and crops.

Cats & Soup: this is a game set in an enchanted forest in which you have to help the cats create the most delicious soups that they will then serve to their customers. There are various breeds of cats in the game and endless combinations of soup recipes.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms – is a sliding-based strategy game set in Imperial China during the last days of the Han Dynasty. Players can build their armies and go into battle with their rivals.

Hello Kitty Happiness Parade – is a fun dance game in which the famous character and her friends hold a parade in a fantasy world.

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